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1108 Professional Boulevard
Dalton, GA, 30720


At Dalton Dermatology & Day Spa, our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive skincare with a focus on hospitality.

Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50

Clinical Skin care

Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50

isdin EA spf50.jpg
isdin EA spf50.jpg

Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50


Sun Damage Protection

Sun exposure is the leading reason for fine lines, dark spots and skin aging. For daily protection and to help address previous sun damage, apply Eryfotona Actinica, formulated with DNA repairsomes and vitamin E. It is a 100% mineral based sunscreen designed to have a light weight consistency with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that won't leave your skin feeling greasy.

DNA Repairsomes®
Help repair previous sun-induced damage.

Vitamin E
Antioxidant that helps protect against environmental damage.

Zinc Oxide
Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB mineral sunscreen that offers very high protection.

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