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1108 Professional Boulevard
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At Dalton Dermatology & Day Spa, our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive skincare with a focus on hospitality.

Societe Brightening Serum

Clinical Skin care

Societe Brightening Serum

Societe - Brightening Serum.png
Societe - Brightening Serum.png

Societe Brightening Serum


Reduces inflammation and clears impurities.
Uses salicylic acid for exfoliation & provides skin with 19 antioxidants.
Contains vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) for collagen stimulation.
Gives an immediate firming effect to skin.

This serum is formulated using a patent-pending inhibitor that targets the enzymes responsible for pigmenting and aging the skin. A technological breakthrough, this serum controls inflammation, manages the Matrix Metalloprotease and Tyrosinase enzymes and will play an instrumental role in an anti-aging and skin brightening regimen. A must for all aging, pigmented and inflamed skin types.

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